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Bulls press it hard!

Friday, September 14, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

It turned out that we were lucky in going long yesterday. The bulls went ahead right from the word “go” and have pushed the bears in a corner. Now it is a problem of “plenty”- too many stocks rocketing up! So it is time to adjust the risks based on open profits.This can be done by tightening the stop losses on profitable positions or by reducing the size of positions.

I am observing some “sector rotation” in the market action and am positioning my client portfolios to take advantage of that. My feel is that now “large caps” shall lead from the front as mid caps have given some stupendous performance in last two weeks!

Keep an eye on telecom,cement and our three musketeers (ABB, BHEL and L&T) . Stay away from IT except for an NIIT or Aptech.

I know some of you might have been surprised by the continuous upmoves in stocks like Aptech, Everonn, Rajesh Exports, Kirloskar,Bartronics, IFCI etc but this is what “trends’ are all about. When “greed” gets in, the stocks can go anywhere. All you have to do is to “get in” and “get out” at the right time! You also have to notice that none of these stocks are “penny stocks”, so these stocks offer ample liquidity to a trader/investor!

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