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Trading Strategy -IFCI

Tuesday, July 28, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

A lot of readers have asked about trading IFCI. This stock remains the favourite of retail investors and traders.

In medium term, the stock looks good and if markets remain in an uptrend, then I won’t be surprised to see 60-65 on the stock.

In the short term, the stock might correct a bit. supports exist at 48-49 and around 45. These might be good areas to pick the stock with tight stop losses for quick 3-5% gains. Below 44-45, the stock can correct sharply to 40 and below.This might even end the current uptrend in the stock.

As always, one should be extremely careful while trading  stocks like IFCI. They give a lot of joy while going up but give an even greater pain while going down. If you are not good in cutting your losses, these stocks can really ruin your portfolio!

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