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Though it has been a while since Sage wrote here, we assure you that the absence was well worth the cause. Sage and I have known each other for a long time and we share our passion towards markets and investments. Some of Sage’s readers may remember an earlier post where Sage mentioned having partnered with a friend to explore how momentum and value strategies can be combined for higher returns and lower risks. Sage and I have joined hands to bring to you an independent stock advisory service with the objective of combining momentum and value strategies. Towards that goal, we have teamed up to bring to you http://www.rupeetribe.com.

http://www.rupeetribe.com combines momentum and value strategies of investing. To read some of my articles on the value approach, please visit Value Watch. We have launched Value Ideas, a product which analyses companies from a value perspective. Sage is continuing with his analysis of the markets and trends. His product has been renamed to Momentum Ideas.

We will continue with our analysis of macro economic trends, commodity analysis, sector and industry analysis with renewed focus and rigor.

Subscribers to http://indianstockideas.wordpress.com, please log in to see updates on our movement.

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