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Good bets in banking sector

Thursday, September 13, 2007 Leave a comment

SBI is making some smart moves today. The stock features in our top 5 bank list as well as it was on our buy list last week. Looks like the big boy is finally waking up.Check it out.

Please note that ICICI doesn’t figure in that list and ING has actually fallen off that list. KVB is also part of the list.IOB and Central Bank are recent additions to that list. Both these stocks have turned bullish and look decent bets.


Auto Stocks- Bajaj, Ashok Leyland, Tata Motors, Maruti, M&M,TVS, Hero Honda

Saturday, September 1, 2007 9 comments

After steel and real estate sector analysis, I am trying to analyse the auto sector stocks for you.Most of the auto stocks have been in a downtrend for past couple of months. Lets look at some of the top auto stocks and see if they have bottomed out.

Bajaj Auto -The stock fell from 3100 levels in Feb to about 2100 levels in July. The stock seems to have found a bottom at 2100 and is currently facing resistance in the 2450 zone. Once it crosses that, one can expect to see 2600 and 2800 levels pretty soon. On the downside I feel 2080-2100 level should hold. This can be a good contrarian bet from a medium term trading perspective.

Ashok Leyland– I have listed this stock many times in the counter trend ideas. The stock has solid support in the 34-35 region and the stock is not falling below that! The stock has the potential to reach 41-43 levels within a short time frame.This might be a good trading buy.

Tata Motors– This was one of the best countertrend trades in the 610-630 levels.The stock has bounced back to 700+ levels in short time. 730-750 is some sort of resistance in short term. Above 730, the stock can get back to 790 levels. The stock has a decent potential to go back to 950-1000 levels if these hurdles are crossed.

Maruti– This stock looks best to get back into the bullish mode.The stock closed above 850+ levels which was a very high supply zone. Now the stock can quickly zoom to 900 levels and subsequently attempt to take a dash at all time high of 985 levels.To me this looks one of the best in the lot.

M&M This stock also seems to have bottomed out and is ready for a decent bounce to 780-800 levels where is faces some resistance.We will have to watch the stock around those levels.

TVS Motors The stock has bottomed out at 55 levels and is expected to test 75+ levels soon.

Hero Honda The stock is showing signs of bottoming out at 600-610 levels and provides good entry point around these levels for a bounce till 680-700 levels.

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Stock Trend- Real Estate sector

Wednesday, August 22, 2007 Leave a comment

Lets look at some of the reality stocks and how they are doing.

DLF- The stock reached a high of 679 before falling back to 557 .The stock had some support in the 565-570 region which it has broken. Till the stock gets past the 600 levels, it might stay in a bearish/sideways trend. Support exist for the stock in 530 region.

UNITECH- The stock reached a high of 623 before falling back to 458 .The stock had some support in the 480 region which it has broken. Till the stock gets past the 620 levels, it might stay in a bearish/sideways trend. Support exist for the stock in 530 region. There is a likelihood of the stock slipping to 400 levels in case markets remain weak.

AKRUTI NIRMAN- The stock had some support in the 450 region below which the stock can slip to 410 and 350 levels. Till the stock gets past the 550 levels, it might stay in a sideways trend.

ORBIT- The stock had some support in the 330-350 region below which the stock can slip to 300 levels. The stock is little too volatile and might provide good entry points around support levels for countertrend trading.

SOBHAThe stock looks bearish and looks set to break its supports of 720 below which it can see 620 levels which is all time low for the stock. One can look for a slight bounce around 720 levels-nothing more than that. An ideal short below 720.

PARSVNATHThe stock looks bearish and looks likely to retest 230-250 levels which might provide some support.

HDILThe stock looks bearish and is finding some support in the 480 region. Below 480, the stock can be a good short idea.550 is the upward resistance.

INDIABULLS REAL ESTATE- The stock might turn bearish once it breaks 400 levels. the stock might move up again once it crosses 500 levels. Till then one can expect a sideways movement between 400 to 500.

PENINSULA LAND- The stock is trying to cling to 380-400 support levels. It might bounce from here. If it doesn’t, it can get down to 320 levels.

OMAXEThe stock is the bearish of them all as it is already trading at new lifetime lows. Use every bounce to short this. Resistance occurs in the 320-330 range.

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Steel Stocks-Which ones are the best?

Thursday, June 21, 2007 Leave a comment

Steel sector is slowly beginning to show an uptrend. I am looking at three to four stocks in the sector. I personally don’t look at low priced stocks as they are too volatile and my stomach doesn’t like them!

The strongest of them all is JSW Steel. The stock is in a clear uptrend and ripe for another move!

Next one is Bhushan Steel. The stock gave a buy on my system around 300 in Oct 06. It has been trending up nicely ever since then. And for your information, this is again a Rakesh Jhunjhunwalla stock! Hats off to this guy!

Tata Steel is beginning to make an upmove but according to me the uptrend is not confirmed. Let is go above 670. Why should we hurry?

SAIL which sometimes becomes very volatile is still in an uptrend . Supports around 120 levels and resistance around 150 levels.


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Karur Vysya Bank-Another good banking stock

Wednesday, June 20, 2007 4 comments

Karur Vysya Bank is another stock you should definitely consider adding to your banking stock portfolio. This would certainly stand alongside SBI, UTI bank and Kotak Mahindra bank.

I believe no one is looking at this except the legendary investor Rakesh Jhunjhunwalla. I plan to take up RJ stocks soon most of which are making new lifetime highs (Punj Lloyd is one of them)!


Top Banking Stocks to bank upon

Tuesday, June 19, 2007 7 comments

Banking seems to be the flavour of the season with ICICI IPO hotting up. The excitement associated with this issue might result in a lot of action in the banking sector.This might be a good time to identify couple of strong banking stocks:

UTI bank which has just hit a high of 615 looks set for an upward move. Support at 550 levels.

Kotak Mahindra Bank which moved up,consolidated and is again ready to move up. The supports exist around 540-550 levels. 629,which happens to be the all time high looks to be the only resistance in its way.

HDFC Bank remains good above 1060 but it is might be better to observe an upward move from the stock for breakout confirmations. Supports around 1060 levels.

SBI is again beginning to move up. Off late ,it has been trending nicely. A strong closing this week might result in SBI breaking new grounds. Supports around 1300 levels.

ING Vysya bank which has support around 225 levels looks strong.But it is a little more volatile, so you should have the stomach for it.

Bank Of India has supports around 180 levels. Again a very volatile stock and looks like a favourite of intra-day traders.

ABB, BHEL and L&T-The Three Musketeers

Monday, June 18, 2007 7 comments

ABB, BHEL and L&T are three stocks which are my favourites. One can also include Siemens in this category.These stocks are ideal for trend trading as they are less volatile and show extended trends.

I see a reluctance on part of people to add such stocks to their portfolio as they are “highly” priced stocks. I fail to understand why it is is easy to add a ‘low priced’ stock(like a Tata Teleservice) to the portfolio as compared to these “biggies”. Does it necessarily guarantee a huge return?

If one closely observes, ABB has moved from 500 to 4500(9x return) in almost 3.5 years and still it is continuing to go up.

BHEL has moved from 200 odd rupees to 1400 rupees(7x return)

L&T has moved from 200 odd rupees to 2000 rupees(10x return)

All these stocks have been in a continued uptrend for past 3.5 years and outperformed indices but still we tend to think they are too “pricey”.

On the other hand look at a Tata TeleService which has moved from 18 to 25 in last 3.5 years.

Can you spot the return difference?

Here are the charts(ABB and BHEL look set to make a move):


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