For NIFTY  and STOCK futures trading, we offer mechanical trading systems which have been thoroughly tested on historical data.

The traders are given personal attention on a regular basis. Traders shall be made aware of all the opportunties arising in the market.

As a trader you will get specific advice on

  • Entry point
  • Protective Stop Loss
  • Trailing Stop loss
  • Profit Targets
  • Exit points
  • Risk Management

We offer a 2 week MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on all our products. If you are not satisfied with any of the products, you can seek FULL REFUND.

If you are interested in the subscription, please write “NIFTY Trader”  in the subject line and email it to

What Our Subscribers are Saying

“Your product has taken  the greed and fear out of my decision making process. I  manage my risk better and trade NIFTY futures confidently. You have educated your subscribers a lot. I know when to enter, when to exit and how much should be my risk”

Raman B, Hyderabad

“I have made more than 25% last month trading NIFTY and Reliance Industries futures.Thanks to your repeated advice, I am now quick with cutting my losers and riding my winners.”

Harpreet Singh , Jalandhar

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