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Market Watch- BHEL, TCS,INFY

Wednesday, November 7, 2007 4 comments

BHEL is hitting new highs and TCS is hitting new lows. We are playing the trends by being long on one and short on the other. INFY is also back to 1750 levels which are strong support points to take a small countertrend trade.

RPL and RNRL continue to bleed and it might not be bad idea to do some opportunistic buying in RPL from a longer term perspective. There might be still more pain left in these stocks as leveraged players need to bail out and might be forced to sell at ridiculous levels!

Markets are still trying to make up their minds as to what they wanna do next. Its best to be on sidelines and take the next bets when things get clearer.


Our three musketeers(ABB,BHEL and L&T) are still rocking!

Monday, July 23, 2007 2 comments

Look how far ABB, BHEL and L&T have moved when I first wrote about them in ‘ABB,BHEL and L&T-“The Three Musketeers”. Since the June 18 article:

ABB has moved from 920 levels to 1130 levels(adjusted for split) :+23%

BHEL has moved from 1400 levels to 1750 levels: +25%

L&T has moved from 1950 levels to 2600 levels : +33%

And if you check their two month performance, all of these have gained around 40-50% levels.

While the NIFTY has moved up almost 10% since June 18, these stocks have outperformed the index by 2-3 times. And the beauty of it is that they did it so silently!

Now you guys still want some “fresh ideas” everyday? Sometimes “old is gold”. Stop adding “new junk” to your portfolio.Focus on QUALITY(old or new).

Infact, it is heartening to see that many people who are approaching me for “portfolio advisor product” had loaded up on these stocks around this time. These stocks have not only made up for “underperformers” but also “made” the portfolio returns look decent.

So if your portfolio is not up atleast 10% in last month or so, then you might have to do some “serious thinking”.