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Trading Ideas- DLF and Unitech

Monday, August 31, 2009 3 comments

If bulls manage to strengthen their grip on the markets, DLF and Unitech might become the next rockets. So these stocks should definitely be on your watch list.

For DLF, I see target of 450 in short term and then a big target of  500-550 in medium term.

Unitech also carries the potential to reach 120+ after a small hurdle of 103 is crossed.

The advantange now is that I can play with around 5-7% stops on these stocks – Unitech around 95 and DLF around 400.

And all of us know that such targets usually come quickly on these stocks. But keep an eye on the broader markets as any signs of trend reversal will hurt these stocks badly.

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Trading Strategy – DLF

Saturday, August 22, 2009 1 comment

DLF seems to be very popular stock among investors and traders. Here is a trading strategy for the stock in the short and medium term.

In the short term, the stock is in a very tight range of  360-400. Currently trading at 380+, it is again getting closer to 400. It faces a lot of selling pressure at 400. So those who bought at 360-370 might do well to sell around 400.

If the stock crosses 400, the run to 420-430 can be quick. And above this barrier, the pick up in momentum can be real good and one can even look at 500 on the stock in couple of weeks time. This might also see long term players get into the stock. A lot of this will also depend on markets breaking out of 4700 and moving upwards.

The stock is currently suitable for traders who want to trade the 360-400 range.

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Real Estate Twins- DLF and Unitech

Tuesday, July 28, 2009 4 comments

Real estate stocks were the flavour of the day with DLF and Unitech both shooting up. The sentiment was primarily driven by RBI’s decision to keep the interest rates steady at the present level.

Technically DLF is looking good in medium term. The stock can make a dash at 450-460 and then to 500. The stock might lose momentum below 380. So this is definitely a hot stock on watch list.

Unitech has also bounced to 92 levels but It might be difficult to go beyond 100 in the short term.If the stock is able to sustain above 100-105 levels, one might see a big spike in the coming time. On the downside, I’d exit below 75. Again this is highly volatile stock (beta of 2.01), so people should trade it with caution.

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