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Analyst Estimates-INFY

Wednesday, November 7, 2007 5 comments

I found this interesting piece of information on analysts estimates on INFY by the Wall Street. The lowest target was $54 and Highest target was $71 with a median target of $61. Check out the current price of INFY at $45.

Infact, Goldman Sachs upgraded the stock to “buy” in April 07 after which the stock fell from $55 to $45 and Bank of America gave a buy in Jan 07! Do you still wish to trust broker opinions?

In India, the brokers don’t even give you any numbers. They just ask you to buy a stock because the “growth prospects” are good. And if the stock tanks down, they ask you to hold the stock till eternity!

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Is this a bull market for INFY and TCS investors?

Wednesday, November 7, 2007 5 comments

Ever since I started writing on the blog I have been bearish on INFY and TCS. Infact my Infosys Trend Analysis post highlighted the importance of market trends by taking Infosys as an example.Ever since writing that post, I have made several people get out of their Infosys positions. Some at 2150, Some at 2000 and some at as low as 1850 also.

Today the stock closed at 1745 odd levels and fall was sharp. I feel that INFY is now entering a bearish phase and it might soon touch 1600 and subsequently 1350-1400. The probability of an acceleration in downward trend is much higher. So just stay out of this stock! Let the world analyze the stock, if you are losing money on this, you can still choose to get out.

Coming to TCS- The stock can fall to 870 levels if 980 gets broken on the stock.

I still fail to understand as to why people are sticking to these stocks despite such underperformance.

Just compare your returns if you had put 1 lakh in L&T and 1 lakh in INFY in June 2007 .

A 1 lakh in INFY would have resulted in a loss of 10,000 netting you 90,000.

A 1 lakh in L&T would have resulted in a gain of another 1 lakh netting you 2 lakhs.

Can you spot the difference? Not only did you lose 10,000 you also lost an opportunity to make 1 lakh.

And then people tell you that this is “bull market”! It is a bull market for the guy who has 2 lakhs in his pocket and not for the guy who is sitting on a loss and wondering what to do.

If you continue to be in such stocks you might end up losing money despite the bull run.

It pays to consider your “opportunity costs” while you sit on your losers!

Market Watch- BHEL, TCS,INFY

Wednesday, November 7, 2007 4 comments

BHEL is hitting new highs and TCS is hitting new lows. We are playing the trends by being long on one and short on the other. INFY is also back to 1750 levels which are strong support points to take a small countertrend trade.

RPL and RNRL continue to bleed and it might not be bad idea to do some opportunistic buying in RPL from a longer term perspective. There might be still more pain left in these stocks as leveraged players need to bail out and might be forced to sell at ridiculous levels!

Markets are still trying to make up their minds as to what they wanna do next. Its best to be on sidelines and take the next bets when things get clearer.

INFOSYS and TCS still falling!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007 9 comments

INFOSYS and TCS continue to fall and hit fresh lows. Looks like they are the main “culprits” in bringing the index down.

Thats why don’t “assume” anything in the markets. Earlier analysts were saying that it is because of “rupee strength”. Now rupee has bottomed out, but still these stocks continue to fall. Now what is the latest reason?

Yes- you got it right.Now it is the ‘fear” of growth slowdown in the US!

The stock has fallen from 2400+ levels to 1800 odd levels and who knows where this downturn might end.

Reasons don’t matter-price does.As they say “the screen never lies”.

Read the “INFOSYS Trend analysis” and INFOSYS- A fundamentalist view” posts to get a fresh perspective on this.

Also read “After Wipro-Is INFY next?”.

INFY,Wipro,TCS,Satyam -Current price trend

Monday, July 30, 2007 Leave a comment

INFOSYS– This stock is moving now in the 1900-2050 band. Expect no great movements on either side till this range is broken.

TCS– 1100 and 1050 are some good supports for the stock. You might want to use these levels for some countertrend trades

WIPRO– This has been one of our countertrend trade ideas. This is trading very close its support levels of 485-490 levels.

SATYAM – 440 remains a support while 500-510 remains a resistance. Again stuck in a range.