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Stock Watch – Bharti Airtel, RCOM

Monday, August 31, 2009 2 comments

Bharti Airtel is finally picking momentum and is a good short term bet for momentum traders. A target of 480-500 on the stock cannot be ruled out in short to medium term.

RCOM also offers good risk reward to the short term traders. 290-300 is very much possible on the stock. A move below 260 is not good for the stock. Long term investors can still avoid the stock till it manages to cross 300 and trend up.

This appears to be a classic bull market where sector rotation is happenning quite frequently. If you are in the right sector at the right time, you can earn decent gains.

UPDATE – As these stocks have entered a bear phase, these stocks are best avoided or sell on rallies.


RCOM results – Analysts are confused

Saturday, August 1, 2009 1 comment

Came across this interesting story about RCOM and its results. The most interesting thing to note is:

“How is it that the company has reported a net interest income of Rs620.5 crore despite having a net debt of Rs22,163 crore?”

“The firm also continues to have a high capital work-in-progress (CWIP) on its balance sheet of at least Rs10,000 crore. According to an analyst with a foreign brokerage, who declined to be named, almost all of the company’s projects have been commissioned and it’s surprising that CWIP continues to be as high.

Needless to say, once this amount is capitalized on the balance sheet, depreciation charges would rise and reported profit decline.

Sometimes I wonder how such big companies manage to do such stuff? Where are the auditors? Have they hired PWC?

Coming to RCOM stock price, the stock seems to be in a sideways mode with a downward bias. I’d avoid the stock and look it for short term trading once it crosses 300.

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Stock Watch-Bharti,Indiabulls Financial

Thursday, November 8, 2007 8 comments

Bharti cracked big time today and is now clearing turning bearish. Infact, in the morning as soon as I issued a short sell on Bharti at around 885 levels one of my clients immediately came up with a buy recommendation on the stock on TV !As expected the stock cracked and is now looking to test 800 levels. RCOM though not that bearish is also not looking very bullish in the short term. I plan to initiate some countertrend trades around 690 levels on the stock

Indiabulls is one stock which is showing great strength and touching new lifetime highs. We have been accumulating the stock ever since Religare IPO went through. Indiabulls still remains the best brokerage play-much better than the Religares of the world!

But the short term is certainly not up, so its a good time to wind up the short term longs and may be play for some downside.

Countertrend Ideas-Short term

Thursday, August 2, 2007 2 comments


Infosys has a strong support around 1900. You can play for bounce around these levels.

ICICI bank around 890.

TCS around 1100.

RCOM around 530 .

For short:

Maruti around 860

CIPLA around 191-192

Play with tight stop losses. Markets continue to to be volatile. You might not want to be “brave” and burn your fingers.When in doubt, stay “out”!

Sector Watch-Telecom

Tuesday, June 26, 2007 Leave a comment

Bharti Airtel and RCOM both are consolidating nicely and slowly trending upwards. I have already discussed Bharti Airtel before. As it has closed above 830,the chances of it continuing the uptrend has increased.

RCOM has resistances around 531-532 levels beyond which there could be accelerated move.

Idea Cellular might give a move after it closes above 120 levels.

Is this Spice IPO “rub off” effect?

Markets Update-Bharti is up around 1.5% while RCOM is still failing to cross 532 levels. CRISIL is again locked in the upper circuit for second day in the row. Is it going to be the next Divi’s lab in the making?

Reliance Capital which we have been discussing again and again after consolidation has moved up again to 1120 levels .Just because a stock stops for some days doesn’t mean that the uptrend is over!The stock has moved close to 7% from 1040 levels within a week.

Look at IDFC. It is slightly down and consolidating. Does it mean that uptrend in the stock is over?

Titan is almost up 8% at around 1270 levels hitting new lifetime highs. This makes the stock probably a little more expensive!

NIFTY is also slowly inching upwards.Currently at 4276 levels.Check what we had discussed last week to get the perspective and trade accordingly.